YEAR 2020 - 2011

2016 : ISO9001 : 2015

Obtained Quality management system ISO9001:2015
Certificate no. FM 602112

2015 : JWL Recipe Improvement

All recipes have been improved to suite caster’s need. It satisfied casters, support our brand concept as “Superb Quality and Mind Innovation”.

2014 : SRS (QD)

Semi-diversify to Industrial powder as Tire mold, Turbo chargers and Aerospace spare parts which directly related major competences, Refractories Services.

2012 : JPL Rebranding

To dilute obsolete image and step forward to the new era, discover new technologies, but still maintaining good old techniques.

2011 : JPL Recipe & Operation Improvement

All recipes have been improved as casters-friendly. It satisfied casters, support our brand concept as “Cast Your Way”.
YEAR 2010 - 2001

2008 : Goodwin PLC

JPL transferred shares to Goodwin PLC, under subdivision named Goodwin Refractories Services. They are centralized in Researches and Development scheme to maintain all powder group companies to reach standard.

2005 : SRS (GZ) Setup Plant in China

China’s business was turning to potential market in many industries. JPL team was then set up powder plant in Guangdong province, south of China. We produce more than 200,000 sacks per year.

2001 : JWL

Jewelry Wax Limited is set up to serve full range of material, production of Injection Wax. JWL is simply known as Superb Quality and mind innovation.
YEAR 2000 - 1991

1995 : JPL

The Company was established since 1995 and started the production of Jewelry Plaster and deliver to caster with finest quality. We are the first jewelry powder manufacturer in Asia.