” Jewelry Plaster Limited (JPL) is a joint venture between SRS UK and Thai Partners. It was establish since 1994, the first investment powder manufacturer in Asia. “
In the year 2001, we set up wax plant named as Jewelry Wax Limited (JWL) for supplying wax material into jewelry industry in order to offer vary range of casting material to our value customer.
SRS took over by Goodwin Refractories Services (GRS), a subsidiary of Goodwin PLC, we merged since 2008. GRS is producing over 40,000 tons annually, operates own silica deposit and is the largest investment powder manufacturing group in the world. It is a strength and reinforcement to JPL, the production and supply a finest quality material & investment powder to local and Asian casting industry.
Research and development are done by GRS in UK. This has been done in order to achieve highest customer satisfaction and needs. GRS has the specialist competence technologists up to PHD level.
Service mind and Quality are at the heart of JPL since 1994 in order to maintain and sustain end user to emphasis long lasting relationship with caster simply known as Jewelry Plaster Limited.